Our goal is to serve you the best cup of coffee, every second of every day.
We're able to achieve this through careful planning and intense training, from farm to cup.


Everyone starts somewhere, Nate started on a rotisserie oven turned drum roaster in 2009. Almost 15 years later, we find ourselves seeking out the most exceptional coffee we can find and roasting them on our 12 kilo Probat roaster.


Quality in all steps of the process from farm to cup is paramount, however one cannot add quality to coffee that isn’t already there. All we can do is ensure that we carry on the line of quality from beginning to end, therefore the coffees we purchase are heavily scrutinized and evaluated. Countless samples of new crops from well-respected, quality driven and innovative coffee farms cross our cupping table and only a select few find their way onto our menu each harvest season. We make sure to get our hands on incredible coffees, and from there our job is to ensure the resulting cup lives up to the incredible potential of that particular coffee.


Roasting coffee is an incredibly volatile and complex process that relies upon a delicate balance of art and science. It is a meticulous craft, carefully studied by roasters that brings out the inherent qualities within a coffee through the development of natural sugars, acids and compounds over various guided chemical and physical reactions carefully monitored and controlled by a skilled roaster. We roast because we love the process, and having the ability to develop the potential locked within each unique coffee.


The final step. All of the hard work put into each prior step would be in vain without a properly trained staff preparing and delivering our hand crafted beverages. As with purchasing and roasting, we possess an intense love for serving the customer a unique and unforgettable experience. This is made possible by bringing baristas through months of training before their drinks are ever served. Our staff is trained on proper techniques in brewing and milk steaming, identifying and executing precise brew parameters, and creating beautiful designs with their latte art. All of this comes together in the drink that is delivered to your table, every time.