At DOCR, we place great emphasis on fostering coffee education. Our commitment lies in comprehending the coffee journey from seed to cup, ensuring that the communities we serve receive the finest coffee products. We offer all our coffee partners an initial, complimentary onboarding training session. However, if you're seeking a quick but intensive primer on running a coffee bar, setting up for maximum success, barista training, and more, we also provide consulting and education services beyond our coffee partnerships. Our goal is to witness the coffee community flourish. If you're interested in scheduling a session with our Education Department, please take a moment to complete the form below.

We provides course on the topics below. Depending on your businesses' needs, we can focus on what's important and what matters to you and your staff.

Farm + processing

Importer information

Roasting philosophies

Brewing methods

Choosing the right coffee for each brewing method

Proper extraction for each type of coffee

Palate training

Espresso prep

Proper extraction

Training for extraction

Milk steaming + texture

Latte art

How can we help your company thrive in the coffee community?

Share with us how our consulting and educational services can elevate your cafe's operational excellence. Please complete the form, providing your name, contact details, and a concise overview of your company and its training requirements.