Whether it's selling our coffee beans in your market or serving it in your cafe — we're here to help you serve your community the best coffee.

With 15+ years of specialty coffee experience, we are able to help grow any coffee business regardless of experience. From bar planning and build out to equipment consulting and procurement to education and team training — we have everything to make great coffee happen for just about any setting.

Our typical customers look like specialty cafes, multi-roasters, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, gift shops, offices, churches and many in between.

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DOCR works with many coffee importers and cultivates meaningful partnerships that lead to sourcing the best coffee in the world. We've worked with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, Cafe Imports, Onyx, Artisan Imports, Ally Coffee, Algrano, Long Miles Project, Osito, Yellow Rooster and many more.

Roasting schedule:
Every Wednesday + Thursday with shipping/delivery next day

We provide:
5lb increments of bulk coffee
Unlimited retail coffee bags


Our work doesn't start and stop with just providing your business with coffee. We supply an endless list of equipment and our expertise in purchasing what's right for your cafe. From espresso machines to grinders, we're here to help you find the right piece of equipment for your team.

Some brands we supply:
La Marzocco


Our Education Department plays a pivotal role in cultivating a harmonious and knowledgeable team for your company, equipped with an in-depth understanding of our coffee and brewing techniques. We extend onboarding training and grant exclusive access to training videos to ensure your staff's preparedness for success.

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