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Peru Germán Carranza - Anaerobic Washed

Size: 12oz
We are so excited to welcome part two of our releases with producer Germán Carranza, this lot is also washed but undergoes anaerobic fermentation with slightly different varietals - Bourbon, Villasarchi, Marsellesa, H1 and Castillo. Germán Carranza Barboza is a 28 year old coffee producer, husband and father of two from the village of Gracias a Dios in the Amazonas Region. His farm, “El Bebedero”, sitting at about 1600-1700 MASL, is named to represent the natural springs of water found in the area that supply his farm and animals.

This lot was processed using a washed anaerobic method, this simply means the coffee was depulped and then spent time in a low-oxygen tank (anaerobic) before a final washing and laying out to dry on raised beds. This process has created such a dynamic cup. We’re tasting notes of sparkling strawberry lemonade, ripe red grapefruit and pops of white grape. It’s a bit juicier than the washed offering we have from Germán Carranza, which may be expected. We’re noticing the main notable difference between the washed and wash anaerobic is the anaerobic is much more effervescent. It’s a great example of a well executed and clean anaerobic coffee, giving you the best of both worlds - the clarity of a more traditionally washed coffee, but with the vibrancy an anaerobic fermentation can magnify.
Size: 12oz