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Guatemala Mejor Futuro - Washed

Size: 12oz
From the Todos Santos region of Guatemala, Mejor Futuro is a washed coffee couldn’t be more exemplary of a clean, approachable, and sweet coffee from Guatemala. Made up of bourbon, caturra, catuai, pache varietals and grown in the highlands of San Martin Cuchumatanes, this coffee is de-pulped with 36 hours of fermentation before drying for 10-14 days until optimal moisture content is reached. This yields the most delicious notes of blackberry jam, sweet milk chocolate and cherry pie. As excellent as this coffee is on filter, it is some of the most balanced espresso we’ve had the opportunity to taste. Perfect on its own or a treat when paired with milk.

This all women’s co-op is filled with mothers, wives and daughters - “mujeres luchando por un mejor futuro” directly translates to “women fighting for a better future.” This coffee is part of a program through our importing partners, called the "ELLA" program. The direct translation of "ELLA" into English is "SHE", but ELLA is a coffee that represents the resilience, strength, and determination of these women. The attention to detail of this women shows up in every cup, to name a few of the women that we’re so proud to support through this purchase are Ilse, Gresdi, Elionora, Rebeca, Lorena, Julia Cifuentes, Adhani Alba. Mujeres luchando por un mejor futuro is inspiring women from neighboring communities to follow their footsteps and create their own paths, in coffee and beyond.
Size: 12oz