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Rwanda Gasharu - Anaerobic Natural

Size: 12oz


This anaerobic natural process, bourbon varietal coffee comes to us from the Gasharu Central Washing Station, in the Nyamasheke District of Western Province, Rwanda. Gasharu Central Washing Station is a very well renowned washing station. They assist their contributing farmers in a cooperative organization to function as a unified group, and to support with resources and infrastructure. It is managed by Valentin Kimenyi. 

"Throughout the year, Gasharu Coffee holds small group meetings with coffee farmers to catch up on life, discuss the challenges in coffee farming and advise on the opportunities. Although my father Celestin is not an agronomist, he has always received calls from coffee farmers to advise on farming and processing because of his experience in farming, Now I, Valentin (one of his nine sons) have both the farming experience and academic training as an agronomist. I provide more scientific-based farming and harvesting guidance whenever needed. The processing at the washing station is carried out by young coffee farmers and the sorting on tables by slightly older coffee farmers, mainly women, providing them with more income.”  - Manager of Gasharu Central Washing Station, 
Valentin Kimenyi

This coffee is a bourbon varietal coffee and one of Gasharu's more experimental lots. Until recently, we generally wouldn’t find much innovative or experimental processing coming out of Rwanda. These “intego” or “resolution” coffees from Gasharu demonstrate their willingness to enter the European and American coffee markets. With Gasharu's culture of establishing "coffee harvest resolutions" and continuing to improve quality through innovative processing methods, they also promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. This high scoring, 89 point coffee, is impeccably executed in harvest and process, and a total honor to serve and represent Gasharu in doing so! 

We are finding lots of red fruits in the cup, somewhat tropical, and more syrupy than our other Rwandan coffee’s that have been on our menu. Notes of Cherry, Mango, and the familiar refreshing taste of a sweet Arnold Palmer iced tea. We’re finding a sparkling acidity, making it incredibly juicy and refreshing.
Size: 12oz