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Colombia Ana Mustafá - Sugar Cane Decaf

Size: 12oz
This decaf offering from producer Ana Mustafá is one of the best decaf coffee’s we’ve had the pleasures of serving. Look for very a sparkling acidity in this coffee, black cherry similar to a black cherry soda, pops of lime, and loads of sweet caramel. Remarkably clean and sweet, fruit forward, with great depth and complexity; making the coffee interesting and vibrant, while also very approachable.
This “fed- batch” washed process involves batching the coffee by harvest dates and allowing each phase to aid in the other batch’s fermentation. The first batch sits for 24 hours before being de-pulped and loaded into the fermentation tanks, then doing the same for the second batch, and adding it to that same tank, allowing the sugars to serve aid in the fermentation of the first batch. This is repeated 4 to 5 times to lengthen fermentation. This coffee is then decaffeinated by using sugar cane, or the EA process of decaffeination. Adding to its overall clean and sweet qualities.
The Mustafá family operates this farm that is part of the LaREB cooperative in Risaralda Colombia. In addition to running her own farm, through LaREB, Ana helps many farmers with their quality control and provides advice and resources to further their quality potential to all grow together. She is a true innovator and leader in specialty coffee in Colombia!
Size: 12oz