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Brazil Vinhal Estate - Double Fermented Natural

Size: 12oz
Nate, DOCR's President and Director of Coffee, was fortunate enough to be able to meet with Rafael Vinhal at SCA this year! Without a doubt, he’s just as great of a producer as he is a person. For Nate, being able to learn more about his approach to coffee was a big highlight. We’re so proud to be working with Rafael and bring this coffee to our menu! Rafael is an award winning coffee producer, winning countless contests and regularly placing in the cup of excellence awards. 

This offering is a double fermentation natural processed, single varietal Catucai — cross between Catuai and Icatu. The coffee is mechanically harvested, washed to select ripe cherries, undergoing a dry aerobic fermentation aerobic (with oxygen, traditional fermentation) for 44 hours, then a thermal shock, which is essentially a rapid cooling of the coffee after raising temperature during fermentation. Then the coffee undergoes a dry anaerobic fermentation for 129 hours, another thermal shock to get the temp back down, then finally centrifuged and dried on raised beds for 24 days. Quite the process and it absolutely shows in the cup. Dynamic, lively and clean.

While maintaining plenty of the classic profile we look for in a coffee from Brazil, we’re finding this coffee to be much cleaner and more lively than almost any Brazil we've tasted. We are tasting tropical fruits like pineapple, mango and papaya, pops of lime, rounded out and balanced by a very rich and silky strawberry shortcake note, all leading into a sweet orange chocolate finish. It’s a really lovely cup, and we’re incredibly honored to be working with Rafael to bring in this amazing coffee!
Size: 12oz