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Guatemala Villaure Orange Washed Pacamara

Size: 12oz
Super sweet and clean, dynamic and pleasant cup are some of the descriptors used when tasting through this exceptional lot from producer Jenner Villatoro. A single varietal pacamara, orange washed process makes this coffee one of the most interesting coffee’s that Jenner is producing. While the pacamara varietal might be a well known varietal in El Salvador, it’s rare to see this varietal being grown on a farm in Guatemala. His orange washed process starts with picking the ripest coffee cherries, and then the coffee is soaked in its cherry for 36 hours, then the pulp is removed. Next, it goes through a 40-hour fermentation with added orange. After that, the coffee is washed and then dried in a greenhouse for 14 days. 

A little more about Jenner - he is one of the five third-generation Villatoros being prepared to oversee the family's network of small farms. Being the oldest brother of three siblings, Jenner is confident and a curious leader, implementing his father's high standards on the farm with a grace that shows his potential. He and his brother Rodyn manage the naturals and anaerobic processes. You'd likely find Jenner in the family cupping lab, or monitoring cherry on their new raised African drying beds. Jenner's small lot is next to his cup of excellence award-winning Uncle Pedro’s lots. The Villatoros are as true a generational coffee producing family as it gets, and their coffees are highly regarded.

Look for notes of red fruits like pomegranate, some orange citrus, with a sweet, yet slightly spiced fruit medley like pineapple upside down cake. 
Size: 12oz