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Colombia Jairo Arcila Strawberry Maceration

Size: 12oz
We are so excited to welcome back this exceptional producer, Jairo Arcila, from Santa Monica Farm in Quindio, Colombia! As it was such a big hit, you may remember his passion fruit honey process coffee that was on our menu in early 2023. We welcome him back to our menu and bring you this strawberry maceration honey and wine yeast process coffee! 

This is a single varietal lot, made up entirely of pink bourbon lot, adding some additional rarity to this coffee and it’s immense complexity. The process involves a dry anaerobic fermentation of 72 hours with the pulp on, with the wine yeast and strawberry maceration added, which accelerates that fermentation and introduces a number of organic compounds that affect its fermentation process. The coffee cherries are then pulped and placed on raised beds to dry, with more ripe strawberry, until the ideal moisture content is achieved. 

As you may expect, we’re tasting tons of strawberry in the cup. But, look for a whole fruit basket! We’re tasting lots of tropical fruit like lychee, stone fruits notes like peach, a touch of mandarin, but all very gracefully tied together and balanced by some lovely floral qualities like rose, and touches of chamomile. This is a very fragrant coffee, smelling like a fruit tea and that does translate into the cup, all while also being super juicy. 


Size: 12oz