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Size: 12oz
How exciting when you sip a cup of decaf and your first thought is to check and make sure that you actually brewed decaf! That’s exactly how we feel about this coffee! This naturally processed, yellow cataui variety, Brazil Fazenda Primavera is full of sweetness, pops of strawberry and apricot, rounded out by notes of chocolate mousse and butterscotch. Complex but so well rounded and sweet. This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. 

Ricardo Tavares is an industry leader and producer. His social and environmental efforts at his farm  in Chapado de Minas, micro region of Minas Gerais, are exemplary. He has a key focus on innovating processes to minimize environmental damage and share that with neighboring farms on how to use best practices. Tavares' farm sits at around 1000-1050 meters in elevation, promoting the cultivation of speciality coffee and the climate provides very favorable conditions, with average temperatures of 68-75 degrees and lots of rainfall. The farm has state of the art drying patio and equipment for processing.
Size: 12oz