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Peru Germán Carranza - Washed

Size: 12oz
We are so excited to welcome this new producer to our menu, Germán Carranza, this is the first of two offerings you’ll see from him on our menu this year! Germán Carranza Barboza is a 28 year old coffee producer, husband and father of two from the village of Gracias a Dios in the Amazonas Region.

This first offering you’ll see on our menu from him is a delightfully clean washed. His farm, “El Bebedero”, sitting at about 1600-1700 MASL, is named to represent the natural springs of water found in the area that supply his farm and animals. Germán’s standard washed recipe, which is incredibly intentional and impeccably executed, made up of Bourbon, H1, and Marsellesa varietals. These are a bit uncommon for the region, adding to the uniqueness even more. The coffee is picked at peak ripeness, floated and then left in cherry in an open-air tank for 24 hours, then de-pulped and left for another 120 hours in an open air tank before washing and laid out to dry on raised beds. 

Look for a very juicy and well rounded cup, with some sweet red grape upfront, giving way to blackberry depth, rounded up in a malty, sugared fudge note that pulls the cup in and concludes it with sugary sweetness and complexity, all with an almost unexpected approachability. 
Size: 12oz